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Come Explore Our Small town USA Reimagined. The New Bala Village: NoBA

Small town USA is a place where the sky is the most beautiful, the community is the most intimate, and the culture is always home grown. It’s a place where history meets honesty, where preservation meets craft, and where locals are entrepreneurs. To reimagine this concept of “small town USA” is to give people the freedom to be authentic, and to give them the right to call this neighborhood “mine”. This way of life is far from sleepy — it’s vibrant and full of energy and creativity. It’s a way of living that is established in its history, but looks forward to the future.

The neighborhood is a reflection of its people: full of warmth and originality, yet curated and thoughtful in its offerings. You won’t find a Starbucks here, but the barista down the street knows exactly where his beans come from. You won’t find an Ikea here, but the shop down the street is full of American-made furniture of sturdy make. It’s where preservation of small town culture meets curated and thoughtful ingenuity from its locals. This is a place where our Main Street is not mainstream. This place is NOBA. We invite you to stay, explore, and feel refreshed and renewed. We invite you to call this place my neighborhood, my street, and my home. This is small town USA, reimagined.